Develop your awareness

The Meditative Practice

A scientific study has highlighted one of the main reasons for undertaking the meditation practice, namely: a distracted mind is an unhappy mind. Man suffers from an "attention drift", the tendency of the mind to always be elsewhere, to worry about what is not there and therefore to suffer. A less distracted mind allows us to be present in our actions, putting us in a new kind of relationship with ourselves. The mind calms down, rests in the breath, takes refuge in the present moment, awakening us to a new attention to what surrounds us. In the attitude of presence and respect, meditation prepares you to grasp the most authentic meaning of life in order to enjoy it in everyday life. It educates the mind to face life's questions with adult serenity, in an open, interested and available listening.
Meditative practice is proposed as "a way of being", of living, of relating, developing awareness of what is happening and trust in one's inner qualities.

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